How May I Help You? is designed to make real networking possible. To allow you to connect with another human being in a positive light. Making it easy to help one another. As addictive as it is affirming.

A place where those who need help can ask for it, and those who want to help, can.


All users must sign up with personal details and, during helping sessions must show that they are together.

Based on local communities.

Once you are signed up just post a job that you need help with, or post a skill that you can help others with. Or join a local group based on the area where you live.



My name is Raheel Shahid, and I’m going to help you try to use the web to help us get back in touch with reality. I’ll help you navigate through this site ask for help when you need it, and in turn, to offer what you can to help others around here.
I would like to share the ideas that helped me change my mindset and allowed me to believe in my self. Here’s to you. Be the best that you can be.

Along the canal
Along the canal

Artist statement

A photograph is a moment. Everybody knows this. but thats not the good part. The good part is looking for that moment. Waiting for that moment. When I first started taking pictures it was because I liked cameras not because I liked photography. I wanted my self image to look good. I wanted to have a nice reflection. After I played with cameras more and more, yes my skill improved

, but that wasn’t the good part either. The best thing about liking photography is that it lets me see the world I didn’t have time for before. Even without a camera in my hand I am looking for beauty in my surroundings and how it can be framed to present itself in the best possible light. In short it makes me see the world at its best. It brings out the best in each moment of the world right before my eyes. This is what the phrase ‘capture the moment’ means to me. This is the ‘moment’ that I try to hold on to with my photographs.Maybe this is not a true image of the world. But it is an image of the world, and a beautiful one to me.

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