10 Positive Changes For Success

Go back to the classroom
Go back to the classroom

Apologies for the hiatus. Well, it was more of a complete overhaul. consider this a new informative and educational blog. Any comments would be appreciated.

I have compiled a list of changes which I have seen in myself and which have helped me along.

1. Taking responsibility – Manchester United are one of the greatest football teams on the planet. Not that I bear any affiliation to the team other than admiring the work that Sir Alex Ferguson has achieved at the club. But why is it that he can consistently compete for a title, year in year out, for over two decades? Man U is a club that creates winners. And I am a firm believer that it is the management approach that Sir Alex uses. It is one of taking 100% responsibility for the performance. Every result is the teams fault, not the referees, nor the other teams dirty tactics. It is important to take responsibility for everything that happens to you, because then you understand that YOU are in control. nobody else.

2. Setting goals – If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there. Having direction is key. Without it you will not be productive or efficient and much of your efforts will be wasted. There is a saying about LUCK, it stands for Labour Under Correct Knowledge. If your working towards a specific target you have a much better chance of reaching it. Rather than aimlessly chancing upon your success, focus towards it. picture it.

3. Earning Ability – I first learned this lesson when I was a very poor door to door salesman. Being a young, naive, money hungry student, I went out and got whatever job I could. In this case it was one selling TV and internet packages. They obviously saw some sort of potential in hiring me, which I did not, because in 60 hours of door knocking I sold not one package! Seeing that I was struggling, one of the best salesmen in the company decided to take me under his wing and try to find out where I was going wrong. At this stage I was pretty ready to give up. Then I saw him at work.  He was selling to people who were flat out rejecting him as soon as they opened the door. I didn’t understand. It opened my eyes. Then by measuring the process and managing it correctly I was able to turn myself into a successful sales person. The skill is the important financial asset. More so than any car or other thing of value. I know that if I have no money now I can always just go back out there and start knocking doors again. What gets measured gets managed as they say.

4. It is cathartic to write things down – This one seems so simple, and yet I had no idea! All through my education I never used to make notes, from school to university I barely used a pen. My understanding was; if I’ve got a text book with info in, why rewrite it? But the difference occurred when I studied my professional legal qualifications. I was forced to make notes as they were open book exams in which I was able to take a folder. It changed everything, from my memory retention to what I would think about. It let me have fuller more complete thoughts. very practical.

5. 80 / 20 rule – I owe the learning of this to Tim Ferriss and his best seller book, the 4 hour work week. Its an interesting statistic which can give you a specific target to aim at. The actual rule is that 80% of the output comes from 20% of the input. So, 20% of the public make 80% of the GDP. Also, 80% of your profit will come from 20% of your customers. Or 80% of your gain will come from 20% of your effort.

6. All skills are learnable – I mean ALL skills are learnable. This one I found out from a 12 year old boy. I used to think that tongue rolling was a hereditary ability. That you either could or couldn’t roll your tongue because that is what the scientists said. Then one day my youngest brother learned a new skill at school. Oh, I can’t do that, I thought. He then proceeded to teach me how to do it. BLEW. MY. MIND! Whatever I wanted to do, I could learn how to do it. To make lots of money, get good at sports, whatever it was, it could be achieved.

7. Be punctual – This should be about being punctual, being well mannered, a good person etc. These are all fundamental principals which, as my mama says ‘don’t cost nothing’. enough said.

8. Get a mentor – If you want to be successful it’s a good idea to surround yourself with successful people. Brian Tracy one of the worlds biggest productivity coaches sums it up best. Learn from experts. He says the biggest mistake he made was that he didn’t learn from experts. They can prevent you from making  mistakes because of their experience, fairly obvious I know.

9. Reinvest in yourself – This is the only way to continually improve. experts say you should invest 3% of your income in yourself. buy books, attend seminars, proactively learn new skills.

10. Be positive – In your physiology, your words, and your mind set. If you stand with slumped shoulders you will feel worse, no matter what else is going on in your life. Just as if you stand up tall with your chin up, you will feel more positive. Use positive words and you will be so. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and focus on now, rather than future or past problems, and you will be positive.

These are all important changes that helped me improve my lifestyle and I hope they

can help you guys too. good luck and all the best, let me know if they helped. Stay tuned for more interesting blog posts coming soon…


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