How to get good at public speaking

Its a general title I know, but the important thing is to make sure you know what it is you need to work on in order to improve it. OK, lets imagine your in front of a crowd of people and you have something to say. how do you get your message across. “excuse me? quiet please, I have something important to say.” maybe you try the more authoritative “can I have your attention please?” Nothing right. or maybe one person hears you and decides to help you quiet the crowd so you can say what you want. The problem here is confidence. If you project an intent that your message is important it will be. but you have to believe it yourself. You have to think that what you want to say needs to be heard. It is a life changing key to everyones joy and pain. The one secret they are missing out on. It is all these things because it is important to you. This is a belief in your self which can only be gained when you go out and practice. Sure there are some techniques that I will get to that can help your mindset, especially when the nerves are building up and the pressure is on but the fundamental factor is that self belief. This is why affirmations work and why people eventually become a success. If you look at most of the successful people you know, of course they are now the overnight success that everyone dreams of becoming but the truth is, they have most definitely failed before and carried on. Its that ability to not call it quits. To really care about what your doing and where you want to get to, that makes them a success.

With all of that psychology in mind, we can move on to the actual content of what it is you want to speak about. whatever the content may be, however interesting, it is going to be difficult to memorize it word for word, especially if you want it to come out with all the passion that you wrote it with. A better idea is to do a simple trial run in your head. Or better yet in front of a few people if you can. You picture yourself on the stage, without your notes, and  start talking. At first you’ll probably forget the second word. But give it another try. Once you get through the intro your definitely going to fall off track and get lost. This time don’t start again. Try to work your way back to the track. Keep it going till you get to the end.

If your really having trouble, maybe memorize the beginning and end. This will help you to complete it each time you practice. It will make it much more natural sounding and flow better.

Now that your prepared, when it comes to the moment there will still be nerves, most definitely. There is a neuro-linguistic programming method called anchoring which can help you contain your nerves. Personally I find a different method very effective. Take a deep breath and just stop thinking for few seconds. But maybe thats just because I love giving speeches. Don’t get me wrong, I started out in the same boat as anyone that this article can help, but like I said at the start, you get the confidence by doing.

You want to get good at public speaking, go and get speaking. Do as much as you can as often as you can. You’ll get good. Oh, and don’t forget to open with a joke and end with a quote.

“If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend 6 sharpening my axe” – Abraham Lincoln


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