I was originally going to write the title for this post as too much too fast. But I changed my mind. Although misery loves company, nobody loves misery. There is nobody reading this that cannot overcome any difficulty which they face. Imagine, if you are able to read this post you are already more fortunate than many others in the world and your problems are all based on expectations. Just as a great genius of our time states; when your expectations are reduced to zero so are your problems. I am a firm believer that there is always a better way. Eternal balance as the Buddhists learn is what is important.

If you haven’t heard this speech, you should.

I am thanking you the reader, for making me feel as though I am being heard. I am also thanking those that have helped me in the past to allow me to reach this point. Standing on the shoulders of giants we can see far. One day you will see that everything changes for you. Even if it is in a single moment. you will notice that things are not as they were, just as you are not who you were.

I will not generalize any further, from now on a measured approach is necessary. I will measure every outcome, every idea. every goal. You can only achieve something if you know what it is and how to get there. my daily routine will start earlier because I am a morning person. I agree with the saying, early to bed, early to rise… it works for me. I tested this approach with a simple memory game. My performance was always (considerably) better in the morning after a good nights sleep. That is where I will begin. testing everything from my exercise programs to career ambitions.

I will share my plan on how to build a side business that will free up your time. As i have stated before time is just as important as money. just as a diamond is no good without the gold to display it, money is of no use without the time to use it.

The next post will contain useful information rather than extra long affirmations. Thanks again for listening.


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