Wasted potential

I went to a grammar school when I was young. ( for those who don’t know, here in the uk, you take test at age 11 for admittance to an ‘elite’ school) now I have it on good authority, my own, that though these schools are different from usual comprehensives, they are by no means better. All throughout my schooling and higher education though, I was described as somebody with a lot of potential.
My grades were always average apart from the odd outstanding result. I was average in sports, average in popularity, there was nothing to show that I was great. And yet I was always described as wasting my potential. Now it is true, that I was a little on the lazy side, and would always put in minimum effort to complete tasks. But what’s wrong with that?

The only problem is, I wanted more. I wanted to be stronger, faster, smarter. I wanted the luxury of comfortably choosing things. Setting trends. Social status.

This begged a simple question, how do you reach your potential? I needed to find out what I’m good at. What I’m passionate about.

I’m going to leave the second part of the story for a while to talk about you. Now it’s a well known fact that everybodies favourite topic is themselves. And I encourage it. I love talking a bout myself. Especially about how I can improve. And how I can help others to improve. I like learning and passing on what I’ve learned.

There’s a recent phenomena that I’ve bumped into, through books and websites. Many blogs not unlike this one. The phrase I’m talking about is lifestyle design. How to improve your life. But also, more importantly, how to motivate yourself to improve your life.

Ever heard the phrase “another day another dollar”? People take their work for granted these days and this doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy it. They work to earn money. Nothing else.

From where I stand there’s two things I need to be able to live the life I choose. One is money. Care to hazard a guess at the other?
That’s right, Time.
Free time is a commodity that most of us have forgotten all about.
It’s time to change this. Make the change.

“one day I’m going to…”
today is one day.


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